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Ben Fetters

YA Fantasy/Sci-fi Writer | Storyteller

Awaken Your Powers in World of "The Awoken"
- Where Abilities Reflect Personality!

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Foggy Mountains

Welcome, Sleeper, to the world of


Where people get special powers at 16 based off their personality 

The Awoken Series


- BOOK 1 -

The Whispering Sword

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Andy, a shy, adopted boy living in a hole abundant attic, has never felt like he belonged. He has just turned 16 and dreams of living in the Awakened City, Cryto.


There, he could escape poverty, make friends, and maybe find out who he really is. But to belong there, he must become an Awoken – a powerful person with abilities shaped by one’s personality.


During the annual Awakening Ceremony, where only a rare few 16-year-olds have their powers awakened, Andy's dreams are shattered when the Awakening ritual doesn't work on him.


Just when all hope seems lost of him ever becoming an Awoken, he starts hearing whispers. Whispers only he can hear. 


At first he tries to ignore them, but as the whispers grow louder and more frequent, he decides to find out who, or what, is calling him.

In the highest floor of an abandoned watch tower he discovers the source: a mysterious, glowing white sword.


Not only does the sword begin to reveal mysteries about who he is, it Awakens his powers and begins his journey as the rarest and most powerful Awoken of all: a Guardian.


Now catapulted into the new world of the Awoken, Andy explores his new abilities, makes new friends, and explores his new life in the wonderous city of Cryto. But the Reapers, a mysterious enemy bent on ending all Awoken, re-emerge and threaten to end Andy's life, and the Awoken themselves.


With the world falling evermore into darkness, Andy is the only one with the power to bring back the light. But doing so would risk not only his life, but his loved ones as well.


Still struggling to know who he is and who to listen to, Andy must choose between bringing the light back into the world or hiding his powers and letting the world fall into the dark hands of the Reapers.


With only whispers guiding him, Andy’s decision is anything but clear...


Letting your light shine


Helping others

Listening to your heart

Discovering your true self

And ADVENTURE, of course!

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About me


Ben Fetters is a Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-fi writer and a lover of stories.


Since he was 8 years old, he's had a story in his head.


Now, 20 years later, he's following his dream to become an author and tell this story (and many more) on the page.

Check out the World of the Awoken, find out who Andy Lightweaver is, and discover a story that will make you want to let your own light shine.

"Come learn more about my story!"

- Ben Fetters :)


For any media inquiries, please contact me:

Tel: 801-725-2089 |

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